The idea that people will hold roughly 20 positions and work for up to six decades is a tough one to grasp. Yet, we only have to look around to see that everyone is juggling more roles and responsibilities than ever before.

This is why we created It’s a Juggle. Your tool kit for building sustainable career success. Juggle has been carefully designed to work as both a student success and employee development centre.

Juggle curates the best online resources focused on navigating education and employment. The mobile friendly site contains 16 unique centres that cover career & education planning, workplace development, learning supports, mental health, and wellness issues.

You can rate each resource, share what is working, and help push the most effective resources to the top of the sort order.

Juggle can also be customized to make your brand shine. We work with employers, colleges and universities to put you in the spotlight! For more information about customizing Juggle, or to learn about our other projects, click here.

Juggle is:

So, whether you are 17 or 71 Juggle is here to support your ongoing success.

Juggle is a Pardy Group profits with purpose project. And as spokesperson for this project I am thrilled to say the resources are thoroughly evaluated by a team of experts with many years of experience in education and career development. I encourage you to give it a try!

Dr. Linda Pardy