Don’t Freak Out: This Year’s Key Graduation Message

First the Juggle Team would like to congratulate everyone that is graduating this year. You did it! You “juggled” it all and succeeded! I attend the graduation ceremony at the university where I teach and I heard about various other ceremonies from friends and family. Then I decided to spend a little time on YouTube… Read more »

Dealing With Change – Why Learning is Key

There was a time when people would enter their working life expecting to work for one employer (whether this actually happened is an entirely different story). Today, the reality is that you will have several occupations. You will also have to navigate a lot of information. As pointed out by Richard Saul Wurman way back… Read more »

Juggle Supports Adult Basic Education

The spring 2015 edition of the Groundwork publication features an article about Juggle.  We are thrilled to support adult basic education and the great work being done by the Adult Basic Education Association of BC  (ABEABC) Groundwork Spring 2015 issue Juggle featured one page 10!

5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from My Worst Professors

When I first arrived at university I was thrilled to think that I would be instructed by some of the brightest minds in the country. It was a major research university with an excellent reputation. However, during the time I received my undergraduate degree I came to learn that sometimes the brightest minds do not… Read more »